Alicia Stevens


A Sarasota native, Alicia Stevens first began her yoga practice as a teenager over 20 years ago. Her teaching career began five years after that in the mountains of Japan. Upon her return to Florida in 2007, she followed her destiny and built her yoga business teaching all kinds of yoga to all kinds of folks. Alicia soon expanded into yoga events when she originated the fundraiser Vinyasa & Vino and the wildly popular Full Moon Yoga. She also created the yoga program at IMG Academies and Yoga at the Ca’ d’Zan.

In 2012, Alicia took a big leap and moved to Chicago to pursue acting and modeling—two worlds that had always intrigued her. After experiencing both meaningful and more commercial work, Alicia decided in the summer of 2016 that the acting industry didn’t fulfill her like she thought it would. Months of prayer later, she got the message: return to yoga!

Her time away from asana allowed Alicia to heal certain injuries and explore other movement practices, including HIIT, Pilates, barre and the principles of physical therapy. She now uses these modalities in her yoga classes. She believes freedom in our bodies is possible and comes when we learn how to move the body with pure expression and integrated purpose.

Along with her abiding love for yoga, Alicia has long held a passion for the stars! In the sun, moon and everything Nature in between, she finds healing, answers and structure for her life, and brings these elements to her yoga teachings.

Alicia continues to dive into yogic philosophy, movement, and meditation, and has recently expanded into Tarot, Earth-mythic and archetype studies.

Her primary hope is to help people stay in movement, in Nature and in Love their whole lives!