I decided to commit to a prenatal yoga practice with Alicia. It was the wisest choice I made.
— Rebecca K., Sarasota

My golf game has improved. I travel all around the world and while I’m on the road Alicia’s yoga program keeps me energized and healthy.
— Kip R., New York

Alicia encourages us to think beyond what our traditional view of the world and our body’s health might be. She teaches that being at peace with yourself is key.
— Pam M., Sarasota

Doing yoga with Alicia twice a week is already improving my basketball game. Breathing helps me focus and stretching opens my hips so I can get in a lower stance which boosts my defense skills.
— DeAndre D., Los Angeles

Alicia gave me everything I expected and much more. Her cues resonate with me more than any other instructor I’ve had. I even get out of bed in the morning and my heart opens up.
— Jim L., Iowa

I started practicing yoga with Alicia and the process changed my life. Every class is a transformational journey that enhances and improves everything else in life. Her teaching is a gift.
— Robert M., New York