Jesus + Yoga: Huh?

In my latest newsletter, I took a risk and put it out there that I have a relationship with Jesus. I have since I was a young girl, around 8 years old. My dad and I would talk about all kinds of things: about heaven and infinity, timelessness, forever… it blew my young mind. One day, I was reading Revelations in the Bible, (yes, I was a weird kid—just like I’m a weird woman. [Side note: weird’s etymology is from the Old English wyrd which means FATE, so a wyrd woman is one who can see the Fates] and I felt the strangest sensation wash over my chest. I stopped reading and went to tell my dad. I said, “It’s like a waterfall in my heart.”

“Behold I Stand at the Door (of your Heart) and Knock.”

“Behold I Stand at the Door (of your Heart) and Knock.”

I realized in my twenties that that was my first strong dose of shaktipat (how we download spiritual energy, consciousness). It can manifest as sensations in the heart, tingles, goosebumps all over your body and spontaneous tears. It is the deepest sensation of LOVE you will ever experience. Sometimes you can see the energy of plants. Often you will see it depicted as necessarily coming from a guru’s hand—and only from that guru’s hand. The truth is, it is available to all of us, all of the time. We just have to open our eyes and Take In The Light.

How could I ever really turn my back on Jesus? I mean, I did, for a long time… and it is undeniably through “Christianity” that I received my first spiritual awakening, a process which happens all throughout our lives—if we remain open to it.

I took a stand in my newsletter, I claimed a spiritual teacher that I have a deep, loving connection with. I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel his presence with me a lot. And have since I was a young girl. There is a lot of truth in Footsteps in the Sand. He’s always there, whether we like it or not, ready and available, just waiting to let us know WE ARE LOVED.

Jesus’ message is one of Infinite Trust in the Creator. Plus, there is so much hidden esoteric knowledge in the Bible, especially Genesis (which I admit is the only other part of the Bible, other than Revelations, that I’ve really read). When I found A Course in Miracles, I felt it all coalesce. The teachings do truly mirror those of yoga. To me, they are not just compatible, they are identical. Just as I feel no misgivings in working with crystals, oils, astrology and moon cycles, I feel no conflict with believing Jesus lived and showed us (in what we know about his life) how to live. It is easy to disassociate Jesus’ message from that of the “Church.”

Not everyone sees it that way, though. I was pained to see that people I haven’t talked to in years, after receiving my latest newsletter, unsubscribed. I guess it is to be expected, but I was surprised and hurt nonetheless. And then grateful.

People are allowed to have different paths. They’re allowed to believe whatever they want. It’s all just preferences based on experiences. And it is better for people who no longer align with you to leave so you both can move on, stop expending any energy on the relationship.

Sometimes the end is catastrophic. And I believe it is always necessary. It is how we grow. It is the yama of aparigraha (non-attachment). It is ultimate Trust in the Creator, that there is a higher plan for your life. It is the last of the niyamas: Ishvara Pranidhana (surrender and devotion to God). Can you imagine if I stifled my voice, what stirs my soul, to please others, for fear of losing them as what… clients? Friends? If you hide yourself for others’ approval, you’ve already lost the most important thing of all.

And so…

I pray eyes, minds and hearts are opened to the Love that is infinitely available to us at all times, and that I can help that process in whatever way God has designed for me. Or, as they say in some circles: Lokah Samastah Sukinho Bhavantu.

In Jesus’ Name.


(Yes, sometimes I am sassy).

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