The last couple of mornings, in that delicious, delirious mental space between asleep and awake (which I just found out is called hypnopompia*--thanks, internet!), the greatest revelations come to me via some unspecified astral teacher’s voice.

A couple weeks ago it had to do with fractals. My spectral teacher told me, “We are like fractals. We can be as big, as expansive, or as small as we choose.”

It’s always a choice. Just like fractals are infinitely expanding or contracting, a part of the whole, or the whole thing itself, it’s up to us how much we choose to zoom in and out. And because of the relativity of the entire experience, what you choose ultimately doesn’t matter. It is about what you WANT. Do you want to play big? Play big. Do you prefer to play small? Play small. These choices can, of course, change throughout the course of your lives, too.

It is all relative, all a function of the mind, which gives meaning to everything you’ve ever experienced, are experiencing, or will experience in your life.

Which brings me to my next hypnopompic lesson: GHOSTS.

Yesterday morning, as wakefulness began to seep into my consciousness, I heard the words, “Ghosts cannot harm you. They are dead, in the past, unreal. Only you, in this moment, can harm you. Only your mind, making the ghosts real in this moment, can harm you.”

This is true in every sense of “ghosts”—whether they are metaphysical or mental, the dead skeletons in our closet that we continue to animate in the present moment with our thoughts hold us hostage in the mental prisons we’ve constructed for ourselves.

Because nothing is real except what exists in the present moment, and even it is as fleeting as a gnat in the light of the setting sun. The ghosts of our past can only harm us when we allow them to, when we believe they are real; and so it is we who are hurting ourselves by the choices we make.

What happened is just what happened—no meaning attached to it. Our minds create the backstory of the circumstance, providing it significance, and our minds contain infinite possibilities from which to choose. 

So, no matter (and I mean absolutely no matter) how “good” or “bad” your past was, how you were righted or wronged, why not choose the meaning of your backstory to be one of victory? Choose the present moment to dictate your future. Leave the past where it belongs, as weightless and as formless as a ghost, as a shadow on the wall.


*hypnopompia is the state between sleep and wakefulness; hypnagogia is its inverse. 🤓

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